Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Dig the Cudster

I been playin this song/video all week. Loved it so much i had to post it...

Song kinda stuck with me cus i get what he's saying on so many different levels. The way the song goes with the video really captures and brings the vulnerable realness of Cudi to light. This is what "Pursuit of Happiness" looks like to me. The director Jason Goldwatch did his thing.

And in this interview he really broke down wat the hell is wrong wit hip hop now & i agree:

The other day on twitter i tweeted that I didnt really catergorize Cudi as a rapper. I got a got a bunch of responses, some agreeing some disagreeing. I think the ones disagreeing took it wrong & thought that I wasnt calling him talented. WRONG. Dude is way talented. What i was trying to say was that he doesnt rap like a regular rapper. He's got a different twist & approach that i like to call "harmonic spoken word" lol..Which is fresh & great too see. If your tellin me that hes rappin on the hook of this song then im gonna really fight someone..lol..either way, i appreciate his creativeness & he's doin the damn thing.Get it Scotty.

Q: What would be the Sountrack to your life?.......

"Im super paranoid..like a 6th sense...since my father died, i aint been right since & i try to piece the puzzle of the universe.."

Ruthie G.

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