Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lust for Life.

Ever have a day where you get so creatively fired up you just dont know what to do with yourself? Great thing we have blogs like this to just spill our creative colored thoughts on. A canvas for the mind...its a beautiful thing...

I've always had this complex way of thinking...(hence, the name of my blog, The Pharcyde...im always thinking with The Pharcyde of my brain) Maybe its the Virgo in me that causes me to over analyze certain situations. Whatever it is, 2 constant thoughts keep coming to mind. #1 being my fear that my career will be a job i absolutely dread everyday of my life and i'll never do what i wanted to do. Thought #2 is the fear of never knowin what my knack in life was. I always have the lingering question in mind "what is my special talent in life and will i ever discover it?". There's so many things in this world that a person could do, whether its doing hair, playing the piano, singing, rapping, painting etc. But how will i discover it? & will i ever get the chance too? Hopefully someday, somehow i will...if i havent already...who knos..

Whats your knack in life?

P.S. Here's a few pics from the good ol' Blackberry again...i really need to invest in a camera..lol.. :)

Remember to always see the beauty in the small things in life..discovery keeps the mind fresh.


-Ruthie G.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Dig the Cudster

I been playin this song/video all week. Loved it so much i had to post it...

Song kinda stuck with me cus i get what he's saying on so many different levels. The way the song goes with the video really captures and brings the vulnerable realness of Cudi to light. This is what "Pursuit of Happiness" looks like to me. The director Jason Goldwatch did his thing.

And in this interview he really broke down wat the hell is wrong wit hip hop now & i agree:

The other day on twitter i tweeted that I didnt really catergorize Cudi as a rapper. I got a got a bunch of responses, some agreeing some disagreeing. I think the ones disagreeing took it wrong & thought that I wasnt calling him talented. WRONG. Dude is way talented. What i was trying to say was that he doesnt rap like a regular rapper. He's got a different twist & approach that i like to call "harmonic spoken word" lol..Which is fresh & great too see. If your tellin me that hes rappin on the hook of this song then im gonna really fight someone..lol..either way, i appreciate his creativeness & he's doin the damn thing.Get it Scotty.

Q: What would be the Sountrack to your life?.......

"Im super paranoid..like a 6th sense...since my father died, i aint been right since & i try to piece the puzzle of the universe.."

Ruthie G.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snappin Flicks

Okay so i've always been a little undercover fan of photography & kinda always wanted to do it as a hobby...but of course i never got a chance to really take it up. So i was looking through my Blackberry folder of pics & thought lemme just share some of what i've seen through my lil day to day journies (not alot of pics but just a lil somethin somethin) but its just the world in my perspective...& this is just from my Blackberry....gimme a real camera,some time & some creative music to start my day off & i swear i'd do some damage..lol...[ click image for larger view] ...enjoy :)



Dyckman St., NY

Times Sq., NY

..."Somebody told me that this planet was small,we use to live in the same building on the same floor and never met before, until I'm overseas on tour and peep this ethiopian queen from philly..taking classes abroad, she studying film and photo flash focus record....." - The Roots

To be continued..... :)

Ruthie G.