Sunday, August 5, 2007

I broke my pencil..Can i borrow your pen?

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Im focused.

Okay so some of you may have realized i didnt write in my blog for awhile. I guess its cus i've been life & what not.... or the hidden truth that i've been hiding from it. I always had a complex with writing, being that it's basically putting your thoughts (that you may not express vocally) down into words.. and sharing it with other people. Writings kind of like a secret world in your brain that nobody knows about. Theirs your imagination that other people may find strange. Your opinions that some might find offensive & your feelings that make you vulnerable. I sit & wonder how rappers/singers can put all their daily adventures..hood heart aches & their general personal life out for the world to see. Us folks listen to the song & dont even think twice about what kind of emotions took to sing the hell out of that verse. We just bump it & give it the, "yo this shit is hot" line. Perfect example of written expression is the Mary J. Blige.."My Life" album.The title track song "My Life" to me is one of the illest r&b songs of all time (along side "Im Goin Down"). Mary sang that song & you could hear the pain in her voice & with one note she could take you to that low right beside her. Years later we come to find out that Mary was at her lowest point in her life..only high off of cocaine & alcohol while recording the "My Life" album. Another r&b fav. of mine is Mariah Carey ft. Bone Thugz, "Breakdown"..she had just divorced her music mogul husband Tommy Mottola & basically spilled all her feelings into the song. Every lyric in that song mirrored back where she was at emotionally at that time. Even the harmony with Bone Thugz put you into a melancholy state making you highly aware that this wasnt just "any ol song". Even Justin Timberlakes "Cry Me a River" was written right after he recieved a phone call in the studio that Britney was cheating on him. But when talking about the best writer ...theirs Tupac. He was known for writing the rugged concrete truth & turning it into sweet melodic hip hop poems..such as, "Letter to my Unborn Child" & "Dear Momma". He really was an artist at what he did & understood his craft. He wrote what he felt & didnt give a damn about it. Poetry in its rarest form. Some people take advantage of the writing creativity & use it to their advantage...such as Usher. Remember back in the day when he broke up with Chili & he came out with that lil song called "Confessions". Everyone thought the whole song was about why they broke up (him having the baby behind her back)..when at the end of the day it was just a regular ol song. Non relatable to his life what-so-ever. Just a well written song about betrayal. But he sold the hell out of that cd. For those talented writers our their that have that creative flow that God blessed them with..a big thank you is in order for letting us in their world. I truly admire them. Hopefully, after reading this..the next time you hear a song, you'll listen to it from a creative perspective & understand the science behind it....just really listen.

"Say whats on your mind & you'll find in time that all the negative would all cease & you'll be at peace with yourself wont really need no one else ..except for the man up above..because he'll give you love" - Mary J. Blige

Ruthie G.

P.S. The Dedication Pt. 2

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