Monday, February 27, 2012

Send Me a Pic

You know...I never really understood the whole photo exchange thing during the early stages of getting to know someone. It actually used to creep me out & come across as being perverted : /

Okay wait, well lemme break it down.....I understand maybe you go to a club, give out your number & you cant really remember what the person looked later on in the convo you throw in that "hey, send me a pic" just to refresh your memory...thats cool, I get that.

But what about the ones we know in real life. Why do you need a picture of me? We've gone on like 3 dates.. We're friends on follow me on twitter..we've hung out at saw me yesterday. Whats the point of this again?...

The whole sending a pic thing is just nothing but a bag of pressure. You could be the baddest bish or flyest dude ever, in all of life, but when that "Send me a pic" text comes in & catches you all off has now, at that very moment, become OPERATION: SEND A FLY PIC. This picture thing can MAKE OR BREAK your "talkingship"..not relationship, but talkingship (yall not that deep ...So alot is riding on this ONE picture. It is your re-introduction to this person. You've gotten their attention with your amazing personality but now its time to put it on em with that "DAAAMN" pic. Think about how many times yall have gotten that wack pic & said " : / ...I dont remember him/her looking like that...."

So of course when your on the receiving end of that text your main goal is to knock that sh*t out the damn talking about 4th qtr clutch shot against the Lakers type of deal....but no success comes without work.

Here are some things that happen behind the scenes on that iphone/blackberry

1.) Hair, make up & wardrobe: You think our hair just naturally falls into place with perfect curls like that?....hell nah...this is the part where we whip out that curling iron & get that hair together (without overly fixing it, so it dont look like we were trying to hard ).. gotta get that lip gloss paawppinn & get our favorite tights & beater on all to achieve that "im cute, when i just be chillin" look... And dudes this is all where yall whip out your favorite fitteds & white v-necks/ beaters to achieve your "i just got in from the gym" look (even though you werent doing anything but laying on your bed scrolling your facebook timeline)

2.) Location: We've all been guilty of going from room to room to find where the best lighting is. Once we settle in, we're moving all our clothes & whatever mess out of the shot in the background so it doesnt look junky....notice how i said "out of the shot" and not actually cleaning up the

3.) Posing: Decisions, decisions.....Should we do the kissy face? .. The sweet Colgate smile or go with the sexy swagged out one.... Now the photo gallery on your phone has 42 new pictures of you doing different variations of the "sexy face".

4.) Retouching: Some ppl try to use the good ol Instagram sneak move...little shadow here..little glow affect there to make yourself look flawless. INSTAGRAM MAKES EVERYBODY LOOK

5.) Republishing: When all else fails, keep it old school & log on to facebook & gather up your favorite profile pictures & send those. Who cares if they were from 2 yrs ago ...(what difference do they kno...they just met

AND THAT MY FRIENDS is what is really going on 10 minutes after you've sent that text & you still havent heard a response...nothing but frantic always be on high alert to the OG's of the pic game. These are the ones we have to look out for...they go straight for the kill & hit you with the, "Do you have skype????" text. That question can honestly eff a persons head up in 2.5 seconds. Now a days you gotta give people like an hour heads up to You cant just say "hey get on skype" all willy nilly like that. Thats like showing up to someones house unannounced. Set a time so everyone can look their

So remember ladies...always be on guard & have the curling iron plugged in & fellas have that crisp white v-neck ready to go cus you never know when your face will be needed to make someones day :)


Ruthie G.