Saturday, June 6, 2009



This kid has single handly took over the reigns of Hip Hop & created this tornado of a buzz surrounding him. How?...honestly, do we even know? Well lets go back to the beginning. It all started with a lil mixtape entitled, "Comeback Season" that gave him a so/so buzz....from their he upped an echeleon with the next mixtape that would serve as his stepping stone into stardom entitled, "So Far Gone". His lead single of his MIXTAPE (not even album) called "Best I Ever Had" went bonkers on the stations...& thing you know he's up at HOT97 spittin freestyles off his blackberry for Funkmaster Flex. Now his song is on every friggin radio station..he sells out venues with NO ALBUM OUT...and not to mention theirs this tiny 2 million dollar bidding war for this kid to sign to major labels. Now me personally, i dig the kid. His aura..his personality..quirkiness..boy next doorish charm..his clever lyrics..everything. But are people jumping onto the bandwagon a bit too soon? Are we merely paying attention to him because Lil Wayne's on every other 3 songs of his?...Is it because a good amount of celebs are on Team Drake?...are we..the listeners that easily persuaded?...Now lets say..hypothetically if Hov gave an interview and said, "Drake is alright..he needs work though"..would we really still be selling out his venues???

..Now as a blogger, i would usually sit & analayze this formula that has generated the boy a Marketing Major i would try to break down the the marketing plan involved & as a hip hop fan, pick at everything else in between..but this time around im not gonna. Im gonna sit back & hopefully watch a new comer of our generation continue onto the golden path of super stardom.From Degrassi to Sold Out Venues.. Team Drizzy all damn day.

"We're gonna have fun..i promise." - Drake

-Ruthie G.


Skyywalker said...

Best I EVer Had is the type of song you would expect to get as many spins as its getting now...but the amount of buzz this kid has is outta this frecking world....i hated for a min and couldnt any longer after hearing So Far Gone...dude is ill...i just hope the industry (or wayne) doesnt taint his talent. And im still waiting for a Drake X Joe Budden collab...

Matthew "M-Eazy" Hibbert said...

This was a much needed post, I mean there really isn't much you can say but the boy got talent! I honestly didn't like him at first because his buzz was so major and seemed like he was trying to hard. Then every 17 mins you here that damn song. If you really listen to it he is good and he killed it on "Every girl" so I guess we will see... I can't wait for a part 2 follow up