Monday, February 27, 2012

Send Me a Pic

You know...I never really understood the whole photo exchange thing during the early stages of getting to know someone. It actually used to creep me out & come across as being perverted : /

Okay wait, well lemme break it down.....I understand maybe you go to a club, give out your number & you cant really remember what the person looked later on in the convo you throw in that "hey, send me a pic" just to refresh your memory...thats cool, I get that.

But what about the ones we know in real life. Why do you need a picture of me? We've gone on like 3 dates.. We're friends on follow me on twitter..we've hung out at saw me yesterday. Whats the point of this again?...

The whole sending a pic thing is just nothing but a bag of pressure. You could be the baddest bish or flyest dude ever, in all of life, but when that "Send me a pic" text comes in & catches you all off has now, at that very moment, become OPERATION: SEND A FLY PIC. This picture thing can MAKE OR BREAK your "talkingship"..not relationship, but talkingship (yall not that deep ...So alot is riding on this ONE picture. It is your re-introduction to this person. You've gotten their attention with your amazing personality but now its time to put it on em with that "DAAAMN" pic. Think about how many times yall have gotten that wack pic & said " : / ...I dont remember him/her looking like that...."

So of course when your on the receiving end of that text your main goal is to knock that sh*t out the damn talking about 4th qtr clutch shot against the Lakers type of deal....but no success comes without work.

Here are some things that happen behind the scenes on that iphone/blackberry

1.) Hair, make up & wardrobe: You think our hair just naturally falls into place with perfect curls like that?....hell nah...this is the part where we whip out that curling iron & get that hair together (without overly fixing it, so it dont look like we were trying to hard ).. gotta get that lip gloss paawppinn & get our favorite tights & beater on all to achieve that "im cute, when i just be chillin" look... And dudes this is all where yall whip out your favorite fitteds & white v-necks/ beaters to achieve your "i just got in from the gym" look (even though you werent doing anything but laying on your bed scrolling your facebook timeline)

2.) Location: We've all been guilty of going from room to room to find where the best lighting is. Once we settle in, we're moving all our clothes & whatever mess out of the shot in the background so it doesnt look junky....notice how i said "out of the shot" and not actually cleaning up the

3.) Posing: Decisions, decisions.....Should we do the kissy face? .. The sweet Colgate smile or go with the sexy swagged out one.... Now the photo gallery on your phone has 42 new pictures of you doing different variations of the "sexy face".

4.) Retouching: Some ppl try to use the good ol Instagram sneak move...little shadow here..little glow affect there to make yourself look flawless. INSTAGRAM MAKES EVERYBODY LOOK

5.) Republishing: When all else fails, keep it old school & log on to facebook & gather up your favorite profile pictures & send those. Who cares if they were from 2 yrs ago ...(what difference do they kno...they just met

AND THAT MY FRIENDS is what is really going on 10 minutes after you've sent that text & you still havent heard a response...nothing but frantic always be on high alert to the OG's of the pic game. These are the ones we have to look out for...they go straight for the kill & hit you with the, "Do you have skype????" text. That question can honestly eff a persons head up in 2.5 seconds. Now a days you gotta give people like an hour heads up to You cant just say "hey get on skype" all willy nilly like that. Thats like showing up to someones house unannounced. Set a time so everyone can look their

So remember ladies...always be on guard & have the curling iron plugged in & fellas have that crisp white v-neck ready to go cus you never know when your face will be needed to make someones day :)


Ruthie G.

Monday, September 19, 2011

1 Missed Call

You know what irks me?...


Those abbreviated/3 word MAX text mssgs you boys just LOVE to send to us females HAVE GOT TO STOP...

Have no clue what im talking about?...well here then, let me show you an example:

boy: "hey beautiful"
girl: "heyyy, how are you?"
boy: "ok..u?"
girl: "im good, cant complain...what you been up to?"
boy: "nuttin..wyd?"
girl: "nuthin just got out of happy to be"
boy: "word, me 2"
girl: "how was work?"
boy: "same ol same"

:: cricket noises ::


I was minding my own DAAAAMN business (kevin hart about my daily life, when you and your bland ass text messages decided to frustrate my day. YOU texted ME, yet im carrying the conversation and you're replying in one syllable words. Why did you even text me??..I didnt sign up for this conversation. If you are a male, 25 yrs & older and can not formulate a full blown sentence and/or carry a conversation, then our future is doomed. Matter fact, its pretty much non-existant. Endangered, before it became a species, status. If you're that boring over text and then claim that you dont like to talk on the phone because you're not a "phone person", then what makes you think that this is going to work?

Secondly, lets talk about the ones who take FOREVER to text/call back all are just plain ol' mean.... Do ya'll even realize the amount of anxiety that builds up with every minute we havent heard from you. In a 20 minute time span the average person probably looks at their phone like 829 times just waiting for that incoming call/text. In some severe cases, there are times where we may go a day or two without hearing from our other after sending them a text. Now that is when ish gets really real and what I like to call...."The 4 Stage Struggle" hits. Which might sound REAL familiar to some of

1.) Anxiousness- constantly checking the phone
2.) Anger- "wtf is taking him so long?!?"
3.) Fear- "omg i hope he's okay, what if something happend to him?"
4.) Anger (again)- "OHHH WOOOOWWW!...that n!gga was just on facebook...yea im done with him"

and then FINALLY the text we have been patiently waiting for arrives...

boy: "hey beautiful..whats up, i miss you.. what you doing tonight?"
girl: "heyyy :) ..i miss you not sure yet...most likely just stay in" --( notice how she's not mad

...........3 LONG HOURS LATER.......................

boy: "o ok..i feel u"

.......................*&%$%^$*&#* !!!! ....REEEEAAAALLY?!?!........I JUST WAITED ALLLLLL THAT TIME FOR THE PHONE LIGHT TO BLINK RED (because i was really hoping you would ask me to chill)..FOR 5 DAMN WORDS!! ...Now, not only am I aggrivated that you took forever to answer back, I'm also confused because I dont know what the hell to write back to your dead end response. Chances are im not gonna say anything & imma just go be mad

Dont get me wrong..I can be "understanding". Maybe you were busy helping your sister with her car problem or watching your neices & nephews or doing something real wholesome and sh*t......or maybe you just plain suck at texting. Whatever the case may be, dialogue needs to happen in real life 2011. With texting, bbm, twitter & facebook ruling the world, people are truly forgetting how to speak & engage in conversations. That, along side consistency , make up the most important parts of the relationship, yet those elements tend to be over looked almost all of the time. Guys, all we're pretty much asking is for you to pick up the phone & just have a conversation with your lady...thats it. A phone call is not a marriage liscense so stop being so prideful...ladies you too!

And while we're on the subject of phone etiquette, fellas please try not to call us with the music blasting in the background while your driving either. Its bad enough that you sound like your in a damn wind tunnel because you have us on speaker phone while your on the highway. But now I have to sit there & try to figure out what hell your saying with "Imma Boss" blaring in the background. That whole move is real 2003'ish

For those that really dont do the full blown text mssg convos...a cute text saying "just wanted to let you kno you were on my mind" will do the trick....FOR NOW. But it'll only hold her over for about a day or two. Now dont get me wrong, Im not saying call each other every SINGLE day but keep it practical. But if you like each other it honestly shouldn't even matter who calls who, how many times, just as long as communication is relevant.

So pick up the phone & get them teenage butterflies in your stomach going & cheese hard as hell when you get that phone call from your special boo :)

Until next time my beautiful SMS texting people...

Call Me,

-Ruthie G.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now taking applications...

Heyyy ya'll!..Im back & this time around I'm covering lets just dive right into this blog post..


Okay soooo, this whole dating sh!t is honestly the most repetative thing we can do in life. You meet someone, text for a bit, talk on the phone, then go out a few times. If things go well you date & then move up to the bf/gf stage.

But let's talk about the process to get from dating to bf/gf. It is truly one of the most complex, confusing & puzzling processes in life. You pretty much sit & screen someone for months to see if they are compatible enough to your liking. Sad part is, most of the time the person ends up not being the one. It is truly now becoming a JOB to find a damn spouse...which leads to the point of this blog...


Me & my friend Nay have been saying FOR YEARS that single people should just carry a damn resume' with all their dating qualifications around with them. Imagine if, with reading just one persons dating resume' you could determine whether they should receive a "call back" from's just visit that idea for a moment.

The Dating Resume' outline would be as follows:

The Cover Letter
- Introducing yourself & the objective of your dating goals

-school history (we'll keep that

Job Experience/References
-The position you held (i.e.: Husband, Fiance',Boyfriend, Jumpoff, Crazy Ex)

- How many jobs you held (which really means..HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU BEEN WITH)

-How long they "held each position at their company" (which really means how long they dated each person). Years, months & dates would be a major factor. If they're holding 2 "jobs" at the same time...then in this case, that's a damn problem.

- What the person likes to do, hobbies, interests & activities they are involved in

- Skills would fall under any other talents the person may have such as cooking, cleaning, baking, speaking any other languages, insert all your fun fact tidbits here..etc.

*References will be available upon request* = which pretty much means if I do decide to give you a "call back" make sure I can contact your "references" to "verify employment". if you catch my drift.

Oh & also keep in mind that each resume' would also have a head shot photo attached too :)

Imagine if life was just that simple...On facebook instead of announcing to the world that your "single" all over everyones could just put "Now taking applications" as your dating status. Instead of harassing voicemails like "Yo, its ____, what is up wit you!?!..i texted you like 6 me back, im serious, CALL. ME. BACK......Bye!" left by a guy/girl you barely remember because you gave your number to them when you were to drunk to function in the club, you would receive voicemails that said, "Hi, this is _____. I'm just calling to follow up on the resume' I submitted in for the position as boyfriend/girlfriend last night. I'm very interested in this position & hope that we can set up an interview in the near future. Thank you." .........And for those that didnt make the cut, there's always the proper curve you can hit them with... "Hi, I'm sorry but the position has currently been filled..but if they're are any openings in the near future I will be sure to keep your resume' on file to take into consideration again :) "..LOL..

Now if the applicant DOES fit the qualifications you are looking for, then that's where they can be called in for their first "interview" = DATE. Where questions can be asked, such as the ones below:

-Have you had any previous experience in this field before?"
-"What are some things you would be able to bring to this table?"
-"What major challenges & problems did you face in your last relationship & how did you handle them?
-"Have you ever been arrested for a crime?"
-"What did you like, dislike about your past "employer" (gf/bf)?"

...and the most important question of all....

-"Why did you leave your last place of employement???"

From there you can determine whether they will be hired & go through Like at any job, the first 3 months of the relationship would be the "evaluation period". If they score all across the board, then "promotions" are sure to

Again guys this is all just fun & games...just a wacky idea me & my friends have discussed for years...
So many battles are fought & we've lost a lot of good minds out there in that battlefield called "dating". Just trying to preserve our mind, body & soul from all the fools out there that we are wasting our precious time on. Hope everyone out there can one day can say to someone, "YOU'RE HIRED!" & live happily ever

And do remember, there is someone always out there trying to come after YOUR position :)

Put in that work!
Love.Live.Life & Resume'

-Ruthie G.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lust for Life.

Ever have a day where you get so creatively fired up you just dont know what to do with yourself? Great thing we have blogs like this to just spill our creative colored thoughts on. A canvas for the mind...its a beautiful thing...

I've always had this complex way of thinking...(hence, the name of my blog, The always thinking with The Pharcyde of my brain) Maybe its the Virgo in me that causes me to over analyze certain situations. Whatever it is, 2 constant thoughts keep coming to mind. #1 being my fear that my career will be a job i absolutely dread everyday of my life and i'll never do what i wanted to do. Thought #2 is the fear of never knowin what my knack in life was. I always have the lingering question in mind "what is my special talent in life and will i ever discover it?". There's so many things in this world that a person could do, whether its doing hair, playing the piano, singing, rapping, painting etc. But how will i discover it? & will i ever get the chance too? Hopefully someday, somehow i will...if i havent already...who knos..

Whats your knack in life?

P.S. Here's a few pics from the good ol' Blackberry again...i really need to invest in a :)

Remember to always see the beauty in the small things in life..discovery keeps the mind fresh.


-Ruthie G.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Dig the Cudster

I been playin this song/video all week. Loved it so much i had to post it...

Song kinda stuck with me cus i get what he's saying on so many different levels. The way the song goes with the video really captures and brings the vulnerable realness of Cudi to light. This is what "Pursuit of Happiness" looks like to me. The director Jason Goldwatch did his thing.

And in this interview he really broke down wat the hell is wrong wit hip hop now & i agree:

The other day on twitter i tweeted that I didnt really catergorize Cudi as a rapper. I got a got a bunch of responses, some agreeing some disagreeing. I think the ones disagreeing took it wrong & thought that I wasnt calling him talented. WRONG. Dude is way talented. What i was trying to say was that he doesnt rap like a regular rapper. He's got a different twist & approach that i like to call "harmonic spoken word" lol..Which is fresh & great too see. If your tellin me that hes rappin on the hook of this song then im gonna really fight way, i appreciate his creativeness & he's doin the damn thing.Get it Scotty.

Q: What would be the Sountrack to your life?.......

"Im super a 6th sense...since my father died, i aint been right since & i try to piece the puzzle of the universe.."

Ruthie G.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snappin Flicks

Okay so i've always been a little undercover fan of photography & kinda always wanted to do it as a hobby...but of course i never got a chance to really take it up. So i was looking through my Blackberry folder of pics & thought lemme just share some of what i've seen through my lil day to day journies (not alot of pics but just a lil somethin somethin) but its just the world in my perspective...& this is just from my Blackberry....gimme a real camera,some time & some creative music to start my day off & i swear i'd do some[ click image for larger view] ...enjoy :)



Dyckman St., NY

Times Sq., NY

..."Somebody told me that this planet was small,we use to live in the same building on the same floor and never met before, until I'm overseas on tour and peep this ethiopian queen from philly..taking classes abroad, she studying film and photo flash focus record....." - The Roots

To be continued..... :)

Ruthie G.

Saturday, June 6, 2009



This kid has single handly took over the reigns of Hip Hop & created this tornado of a buzz surrounding him. How?...honestly, do we even know? Well lets go back to the beginning. It all started with a lil mixtape entitled, "Comeback Season" that gave him a so/so buzz....from their he upped an echeleon with the next mixtape that would serve as his stepping stone into stardom entitled, "So Far Gone". His lead single of his MIXTAPE (not even album) called "Best I Ever Had" went bonkers on the stations...& thing you know he's up at HOT97 spittin freestyles off his blackberry for Funkmaster Flex. Now his song is on every friggin radio station..he sells out venues with NO ALBUM OUT...and not to mention theirs this tiny 2 million dollar bidding war for this kid to sign to major labels. Now me personally, i dig the kid. His aura..his personality..quirkiness..boy next doorish charm..his clever lyrics..everything. But are people jumping onto the bandwagon a bit too soon? Are we merely paying attention to him because Lil Wayne's on every other 3 songs of his?...Is it because a good amount of celebs are on Team Drake?...are we..the listeners that easily persuaded?...Now lets say..hypothetically if Hov gave an interview and said, "Drake is alright..he needs work though"..would we really still be selling out his venues???

..Now as a blogger, i would usually sit & analayze this formula that has generated the boy a Marketing Major i would try to break down the the marketing plan involved & as a hip hop fan, pick at everything else in between..but this time around im not gonna. Im gonna sit back & hopefully watch a new comer of our generation continue onto the golden path of super stardom.From Degrassi to Sold Out Venues.. Team Drizzy all damn day.

"We're gonna have fun..i promise." - Drake

-Ruthie G.